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business english

Exercise 2 page 60

1. A : What do you think are your strengths and weaknesses ?
B : I have good knowledge about Taxation Accounting and can operate Computer. I’m self – motivated and also I’m able to work under pressure and also I’m good in team work, but my English is passive.

2. A : What has been your most valuable experience ?
B : My most valuable experience is when I interviewed a director of PT. Transjakarta in last December. I could learn many things, for example the function of management.

3. A : How would you describe your personality ?
B : I’m skillful and can adaption with all situation. I’m also talkactive.

4. A : When did you last lose your temper ? Descibe what happended !
B : When my friend lies to me. I was extremely angry. And it’s not easyfor me to apologize him. But so far, I can for give him wholeheartedly and it needs much time.

5. A : Why do you want to leave your present job ?
B : Because I see better opportunities which very available here.

6. A : What was the worst problem you have had in your present job and
how did you solve it ?
B : My previous boss is very authoritative. And it’s very difficult for me to explore my creativity. Finally, I can handle it. I’m try to make adaptation with him.

7. A : What do you do in your spare time ?
B : In my spare time, I usually read books about Accounting.

8. A : Describe your ideal boss ?
B : He is wise, kind, can accept people’s opinion, and creative.

Exercise 3 page 61

1. A : What did you enjoy most about being a student ?
B : I can get many friends, can join an organization, and can meke a presentation.

2. A : You completed a project in your final year.Did you like working in a
team? How did you handle members who where not contributing their share of the work ?
B : Yes, I liked to work in team. I give him the first warning and if he can not change himself, I muss report this problem to the supervisor.

3. A : In a supervisory role, how do you thinkyou can motivate your staff ?
B : I give to your staff a freedom to explore their creativity. But I’m still handle it in order to reach the purposes.

4. A : If someone criticizes your work, how do you respond ?
B : Absolutely I receive their critiques and after that I make an introspection of my failure.

5. A : how do you cope with stressful situations in your work ?
B : I’m still relax and try to cope it wisely. Absolutely I’m not in hurry to decide a decision.

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