Selasa, 16 Februari 2010

business english : telephone

Alfin : Good morning!
Yuni : Morning, this is Yuni from PT. FROG Toys can I help you?
Alfin : Yes I can speak to Mr. Muhammad, please?
Yuni : Ok, just a minute, please. I’ll transfer your call to Mr. Muhammad
Alfin : Ok!
Yuni : Hallo.. i’am sorry, Mr. Muhammad is not here right now
Alfin : Oh what Mr. Muhammad going to the meeting?
Yuni : Yes, Mr.Muhammad Meeting a few minutes ago!
Alfin : Where?
Yuni : In the office Mr. Hady
Alfin : Hmm.. can I take a message to Mr. Muhammad?
Yuni : Yes I can, I’ll just get a pen
Alfin : Ok, asked to him i‘am calling about our metting on Monday”!
Yuni : Could I know?
Alfin : I’am sorry, I’am busy that day because I must go to another meeting, how about thursday?!
Yuni : Ok, I’ll make sure he gets the message
Alfin : Good…so, I’ll see you Mr. Muhammad on the Thursday at office
Yuni : Yes, ok! Do you need another help?
Alfin : I think it’s enough.
Yuni : You’re welcome!!!!

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